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Avengers Shinbun
(The Hawkins Avengers Newsletter)

A note from the Hanshi –

Please support our effort to publish “positive news” concerning Avengers members and families. If you have any “significant news” concerning Avengers, to include our families, please submit your comments to Renshi Mike Mobley or Sempai David Ta in Atlanta, Georgia. Hawkins Avengers have always supported positive community involvement; therefore let’s not omit any “worthy news.” Instead, inform our organization of encouraging news that’s worthy of emulation. I challenge all Avengers to make this world a better place to live!

Hanshi Riley Hawkins


Date – December 12, 2007: The Avengers Karate Club Highlights!

Baltimore Sun Newspaper reporters John Lender and Stefen Lovelace recently interviewed Poly’s star junior defensive tackle, Arnold Farmer. During the interview Arnold credits Hawkins Avengers Karate Club for having a positive impact in his life. Currently, he holds a green belt ranking with the Avengers.

Not only is he physically fit but also mentally fit. During the interview he informed the reporters that currently he holds a 3.6 GPA and is diligently pursuing to increase it to a 4.0. Also of significance, he expressed to them that he desires attending one of 3 schools – Rutgers, University of Maryland, or Boston College. Hanshi Hawkins commends Arnold for his academic and martial arts pursuits. He further states that, “It’s impressive for an Avenger to be well rounded. Other Avengers should follow Arnold’s efforts and pursue excellence.” See Sun Newspaper news article on below link. http://www.baltimoresun.com/sports/highschool/bal-va.profile14nov14,0,5067304.story


The Avengers are proud of Robert Bull. Currently he is the Senior Vice president of the Compass Group.

This martial artist is the son of proud father and Bushi, Corky Bull. Particular worth mentioning is his dedicated loyalty to the Avengers organization’s fund raising efforts. Without his “Avenger Allegiance” to rallying contribution donors, the opening of the new Avenger Dojo would not be a success. Robert is a “Make It Happen Guy”! His sincere devoted attitude is within the honored cherished traditions of the Avengers Karate Organization.


Date – November 12, 2007: Sheila Dixon is Baltimore New Mayor!

Hanshi Riley Hawkins, speaking on the behalf of the Avengers Karate Organization, extends much deserved congratulations to the first and only Avenger elected Mayor of Baltimore city. Hanshi says that it is gratifying to be mindful that her heart is still focused of the “realization” concerning the much-needed attention for inner city infrastructure stressed conditions. The Inner harbor, Charles Place, and other previous mayoral projects uplifted Baltimore’s metropolitan status in a “sophisticated manner” that created and enhanced commerce not only within Baltimore but also nationally & globally. However, it is clearly evident that within our great city there are still economically stressed areas that warrant much attention. Baltimore’s metro populace will truly benefit from Mayor Dixon’s visionary initiatives and “follow through commitment actions.” We’re very proud of the fact that Baltimore’s citizens views the mayor as the most capable person to lead this city to achieve economic success while never forgetting the distinguished lower and middle class citizens of our great city. Renshi Mobley of Atlanta says, “Her mettle is worthy of emulation and is sought out only by leaders with awesome courage.” Hanshi Hawkins closes by saying “We wholeheartedly support the Mayors vision for the city of Baltimore!

Click Sun Architecture Critic to read the her article.

Date – October 15, 2007: Global Breast Cancer Survivors 60 Mile Walk!

On October 14, 2007, Dr. Linda Thomas Mobley, wife of Renshi Mobley, completed the Susan G. Komen and National Philanthropic Trust Breast Cancer Survivors, (3 day) 60 Mile Walk, held in Atlanta, Georgia. This gargantuan event is held in 43 countries, to include 12 United States cities: Boston, Chicago, Cleveland, the twin cities (Minnesota), Seattle, Dearborn (Michigan), Philadelphia, Atlanta, Tampa, Dallas/ Fort Worth, Tucson (Arizona), and San Diego.

Renshi Mobley is extremely proud of his wife Linda, who he describes as “sweet, gentle, and tough.” Renshi Mobley stated, “The total distance of this walk is further than walking from Baltimore, Maryland to the state of Virginia! Although this walk is described as a “Survivors Walk” one may also describe it as a “Prevention Walk. In fact, Linda is not a cancer survivor. Instead, she decided to participate in the walk to demonstrate and raise money to support the global cure for cancer.” We all have close friends and/or family that cancer has taken their lives. As a financial, moral, spiritual, and physical tribute for cancer survivor victims, Linda was part of an effort that raised 6.6 million dollars for the medical research cure of cancer.


Walking 60 miles in the Georgia sun is not easy. Temperatures were in the “muggy eighties.” Linda stated, “If you think this was an easy feat then I challenge anyone to try it.” Completing the walk resulted in thousands of ladies having sore blistering feet, aching legs, and sun burnt faces.


Date – October 15, 2007:Kids’ Karate Tournament December 16, 2007

The Kids’ Self Defense Academy is conducting an “In-house Karate Tournament” on December 16, 2007 at the Holy Spirit Prep School, located in Atlanta, Georgia. Only students from the KSDA are allowed to compete in this karate tournament. Karate students are reminded to bring their mouth protectors and cups. Questions regarding the tournament should be directed to Renshi Mobley via email – michaelmobley@avengersdantai.net.

Date – October 12, 2007: KSDA Promotion Ceremony January 20, 2008

The Kids’ Self Defense Academy is conducting rank promotion ceremony on January 20, 2008 at the Holy Spirit Prep School, located in Atlanta, Georgia. Students must first pass a written exam (scheduled during the week of 3-7 December) to be eligible for promotion. Other requirements are as follows:

1. Know how to tie their belts
2. Know how to put on his/her Gi
3. Know how to execute their blocks, punches, and kicks
4. Consistently display a “good attitude” in the Dojo
5. Been discipline during class instruction
6. Achieved acceptable grades in school.
7. Respect an honor their teachers and parents.
8. Successfully engage in kumite

Questions regarding this ceremony should be directed to Renshi Mobley via email michaelmobley@avengersdantai.net.

Date – September 11, 2007: Sheila Dixon Baltimore Mayoral Candidate!

Avenger Blackbelt, Sheila Dixon, who recently graced the age of 53, succeeded as Baltimore mayor in January for Democratic Gov. Martin O’Malley. Dixon is the first woman to hold the office. Also, she is probably the 1st Blackbelt to ever be Mayor of Baltimore. “I stand humbled in front of every Baltimorean tonight, regardless of what button you pushed, uptown or downtown, have lots of money or none,” Dixon said in a speech at her victory party. “I am your humble servant who will work tirelessly on your behalf.”

With 60 percent of the city’s precincts reporting, Dixon had 26,307 votes, or 61 percent, compared with 11,022 votes, or 26 percent, for City Councilman Keiffer J. Mitchell Jr.

Dixon will face little-known Republican Elbert R. Henderson on the Nov. 6 general election, but that contest is considered a formality since 79 percent of the city’s registered voters are Democrats.

See Mayor Dixon on video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zxGWxA4UB4w

Baltimore Avengers should make every effort to support her mayoral campaign. She has always looked out for the Baltimore community and will make Baltimore a better city.

Speaking on behalf of Avengers from abroad, we are proud of you and anticipate your path to the office of the President of the United States! Thanks for setting an outstanding example as a public servant!

Hanshi Riley Hawkins