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Jinn Kata Meaning

Like data is available concerning the history of the kata. Ji'in (translated: "love of truth") likely originates from the Tomari-te school.(1) Gichin Funakoshi did not teach this kata extensively, and it is less important than the other two in this group to Shotokan. However, it remains important for the execution of many simultaneous techniques and the often-repeated stances, enabling swift changes of direction while maintaining balance, power and steps of equal length. It has, however, been removed from the Japan Karate Association teaching and grading syllabus.

Ji, just like in Jion, means Universal Love, tender, gentle, and loving In means shadow, shade, or backing assistance. (2) Giving the impression of receiving mercy rather than giving it as in Jion, Jiin might mean "Place of Mercy." or In the Shadow of Kindness. There are probably better ways to translate this, however. Probably another overused name for temples scattered all over Japan.

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