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Rank Promotion

The raison d'être (the purpose that justifies a thing's existence) for promotion is based on the capability to lead. Often misleading questions, such as, “How much money did you make?” On the contrary, the only people who make money work in a “Mint” or are counterfeiters. The correct question should state, “How much money did you earn”? The same applies to “Making Rank”. Martial arts supply manufacturers make rank by interweaving cotton or polyester like materials together to form a belt. Instead, a karate-ka (karate student) earns rank! A dictionary definition of “earn” is, “To acquire or deserve as a result of effort or action”. Conversely, a dictionary definition of “make” is, “To bring into existence by shaping, modifying, or putting together material; construct: make a dress; make a cake. In our system you earn rank based on your leadership potential. Every Avenger karate-ka needs to ascertain this systemic reality.

One of the major goals of our Dantai (Guild) is to produce leaders who are worthy of emulation. Avenger leadership training begins at the Yellowbelt rank. The Avengers don’t wait until one earns a Blackbelt to start training leadership skills. Instead, these important skills are infused in training at the inception of earning the Yellowbelt. Always remember, that learning process is a “listening and observation process, and not a talking process”. Listen and observe intuitively!

Virtually all karate-ka aspire rank promotion. Hanshi Hawkins often says, “Be careful for what you ask for because someday you just might get it.” Leading by example is the cornerstone of progressing through the ranks. If one expects promotion, then anticipate the challenge of being a leader. Junior karate-ka should look up to Avenger Blackbelt skills, confidence, and spirit to ignite their vision to one day become an effective leader. If a Blackbelt fails to persuade junior karate-ka to covet their standard or reputation, then the Blackbelt is likely not setting a good example. Blackbelts are supposed to be inspiring!