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Karate History Time Table

520 AD
Indian Monk Bodhidharma develops Martial Arts
Develops Shaolin Kempo, travels to China and teaches monks.
600 – 1100 A.D.
Tensions Dynasty of the Ryukyu Kingdom
Early contact between China and Ryukyu. Kempo (Tode) develops in China-T’ang Dynasty (618-906 AD)
1101 – 1314 A.D.
Local Chieftains vie for power and control of Okinawa
Many warring factions exist. Okinawa is divided into 3 kingdoms. Shunten becomes the first king of Ryukyu
1315 – 1608 A.D.
Ryukyu’s Golden Age of Propensity
Trade Relations with China Established – 1374. Okinawa has contact with Siam, Indonesia and the Philippines. Kumemura – Chinese settlement is established in Naha – 1393. King Sho Hashi unites Okinawa’s 3 kingdoms – 1429. Tribute relationship established between Japan and Ryukyu – 1400 s. Formal relations with Korea established – 1400s. Sho Shin becomes king of Ryukyu in 1477. First ban on weapons by King Sho Shin. The art of Te flourishes. During this period 3 Buddhist monks from China (Chueh Yuan, Li Ch’eng, and Pai Yu-Fong) collaborate and expand Bodhidharma’s 18 exercises to 72. They develop a “5 formed fist” style, which involves techniques based on movements of animal’s dragon, tiger, crane, leopard, and snake.
1609 – 1899
Ryukyu invaded by Satsuma clan of Japan – 1609
Ban on possession of weapons by Lord Shimazu. The practice of empty – hand fighting is stimulated. Chinese Kempo and Okinawa Te combine to form Okinawa Karate.
1900 – Present
Modern Era – Karate develops as budo (“the martial arts way”)
The veil of secrecy surrounding Karate is lifted. The first public demonstrations are given during 1900. Karate introduced to public school – 1903. Okinawan martial arts introduced to Japan – 1922. Karate spreads worldwide after World War II. Highly commercialized martial arts are taught in every major city throughout the world.

Sensei Heinz learns the art of Shorin ryu (predecessor of karate) in Okinawa during the early 1960’s and teaches Sensei Riley Hawkins karate at Morgan State University.

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